Pipe Repair Putty

The epoxy putty is two sets of same-core glue rod, which cure quickly and have strong adhesion. It can be used for creative combination. Such as metal, ceramics, stone, wood, concrete, glass and plastic, etc., can be used to make abrasive tools, copy defective parts, or insulate and seal electrical appliances, etc., fuel tank, hull, sink, portable, pipeline, Hygienic services such as leak-proofing, sealing and repairing sinks, sink equipment, wooden products and household appliances, are very suitable for use in various occasions such as homes, schools, offices, hotels, and factories.

***It is easy to use and can be bonded evenly by kneading by hand.

***You can shape it as you like.

***After curing, it has high strength, good hardness, no shrinkage and no corrosion. It can be drilled,sawed, planed, milled, filed and painted like the repaired body material.

***Excellent adhesion and a wide range of bonding materials, which can be used for stone, wood, ceramics, glass, cement, plastics and various metals

Direction for Use:

1 Clean up paint, rust, dust, oil stains and other floating objects around the area to be repaired.

2.Take out the colloid in the plastic tube, cut off the required amount, and knead the two different colored materials in the colloid body by hand until the color is uniform.

3.Cover the repaired area with force within 3 to 5 minutes and squeeze it into the holes and cracks as much as possible, so that the surface is smoothed with water by hand.

4.The mixed colloid will react quickly, and it will start to harden after 10-20 minutes, and it can be drilled, polished, painted, etc. after 1 hour.

5.When using in cold areas in winter, if possible, the colloid and the surface to be repaired should be properly heated to room temperature or slightly higher than room temperature to speed up the curing speed.